CC Decorators Ltd is a commercial/domestic decorating contractors based in London. Over the past year we have grown from sole trader status to a limited company taking on larger projects of increased complexity. CC Decorators Ltd ‘specialist painting and decorating company’ offers a comprehensive range of decorative services from creative painting techniques to all types of wall coverings and wall papers to suit all clientele.

A wide range of decorating techniques is used to create the most spectacular interiors. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, modest, traditional art deco style, each design reflects our clients taste and lifestyle through consultation. The company are represented through a highly skilled and qualified team of decorators and interior designers who will transform your home using a combination of the latest colour and cultured trends, wall coverings and wall papers.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients to identify the most appropriate means and methods to simplify the procurement and construction process, through innovative design and access solutions. Good preparation, the correct specification and professional application are the key to a successful project.